4,000 Miles

When I first read 4,000 Miles   by Amy Herzog, I screamed, "This play is fucking awesome!" to my cats, who seemed happy that I was happy, but generally confused. I shall attempt to be more specific here, though I stand by my earlier statement.

Should you find yourself in or around southern California between October 18th and November 17th, do consider spending an evening with us at South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa. This exceptional theater company is currently celebrating it's 50th season, and over these first 2 weeks of rehearsal, it's easy to understand why. The creative team is an inspiration and the facility is sublime. And frankly, my castmates astonish me on a daily basis.

In short: I'm in a play, bitch.  Come see it: 


Also, I'm currently scheduling studio time to try and knock out a couple of acoustic songs next week, so if you're a lovesong junkie, hopefully you'll dig what I've been cooking. It has certainly nourished me.