Hotel Cafe on December 3rd


Been trying to play Hotel Cafe for some time now, and I finally got booked!

Tuesday, December 3rd at 7 PM
Hotel Cafe
1623 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

I'm playing new stuff, old stuff, weird stuff, you name it. I need a serious head count to make a good impression, so please come by if you're free.



4,000 Miles

When I first read 4,000 Miles   by Amy Herzog, I screamed, "This play is fucking awesome!" to my cats, who seemed happy that I was happy, but generally confused. I shall attempt to be more specific here, though I stand by my earlier statement.

Should you find yourself in or around southern California between October 18th and November 17th, do consider spending an evening with us at South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa. This exceptional theater company is currently celebrating it's 50th season, and over these first 2 weeks of rehearsal, it's easy to understand why. The creative team is an inspiration and the facility is sublime. And frankly, my castmates astonish me on a daily basis.

In short: I'm in a play, bitch.  Come see it:

Also, I'm currently scheduling studio time to try and knock out a couple of acoustic songs next week, so if you're a lovesong junkie, hopefully you'll dig what I've been cooking. It has certainly nourished me.




I wrote "Listen" some months ago. This performance was produced and recorded somewhere in the picturesque hills of Hollywood by the generous and gifted Russ Irwin. A terrific writer and musician, Russ can often be found playing keys and singing for Aerosmith. His latest record Get Me Home is available on iTunes. Thanks to Russ and to my amigo Luther Creek for arranging this great day of music.

Cleared for Launch

Welcome to the place where you get all up in my goings-on!  

All the new music you'll hear on this site is live, with vocals and guitar tracked simultaneously.  My intention was to capture the feeling of live performance by - well - doing a live performance.  So this first batch including Butterflies, Make Believing, and Rattlesnake is basically my favorite whole takes of 3 songs, all recorded in one evening at Studio City Sound by Grammy Award winner Tom Weir.  If it sounds intense yet unpolished and vulnerable... good!  If you're looking for my previous EP "Odd Evensong", you can download that here also, or on iTunes, CD Baby, and other fine online retailers.

 These new songs are just a few of many which were written and recorded over the past 18 months or so.  It is safe to say that the byzantine emotional labyrinth that is divorce - coupled with the audacious, nay, obstinate decision to fall in love again - can make for a fairly deep journey.  I mean, shit got quite real.  But I think your heart and ears are up for it.

 My hope is to continue streaming demos for free here with the option to purchase if you want to download and have the means to support.  I'll be developing these and other songs with a band soon, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy them as they are, in the raw.  If all is going as it should, you should be able to navigate this site and stream the audio content on your computer, tablet, smartphone, secret government implant, etc.  And it should look presentable too.  If you want to reach out, feel free to press those irresistible social icons in order to follow and/or like my misadventures on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Seriously, look up the word "misadventures" and it is exactly that. 

The home picture of my trusty Taylor 610 CE and many of the pictures in the "Photographs" tab are courtesy of the talented Luther Creek.  I had a blast at this shoot, and I somehow feel the world is a safer place now that there are pictures of me wearing badass hats out there.  A link to a site featuring his work will be posted anon.  If you would like to see more gig pictures, candid shots, and other performance photography, a lot of that can be found on my aforementioned social media pages.

I am extremely grateful for the constant support of my friends, fans, and family. Thanks for being patient while I figure out how to get music into your ears.  There are many more songs waiting to be released when I can muster the resources.  I will update here and on my other sites about upcoming shows in LA and elsewhere, and I hope to see you there.